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Mordros, Mordardh by Kurt Jackson - Click on image for a bigger picture Porth: Kurt Jackson

6th March - 1st May 2004

Kurt Jackson's major exhibition Porth shows a dramatic new series of seascapes, which are amongst the largest works this well known and much admired painter has created up to now. By its sheer scale, Porth captures the exuberance and physicality of actually standing out on the seashore.

Amongst the large paintings to be shown is a monumental work: Do you ever wonder what's out there? (10ft x 20ft), depicting a wild atmospheric seascape that is as powerful and breathtaking as standing on the cliffs in the teeth of an Atlantic gale. However, the smaller works will create a sense of the breadth of Jackson's work.

The works in this exhibition are all based on Jackson's experience of Priest Cove, near where he lives in West Penwith, in the far west of Cornwall. These huge collaged paintings embody Jackson's powerful and personal response to his environment, his thoughts, feelings and memories which are the culmination of nearly fifteen year's experience of working in this particular cove. Jackson's work has a strong documentary element, depicting what he sees, but he also translates into paint that mysterious, intuitive inner response that captures the essential spirit of time and place.

A special feature for this venue will be a small number of works on paper painted in situ in Priest Cove.

To view more work by Kurt Jackson, and to read news of his forthcoming and past exhibitions, please visit Messum's Fine Art at www.messums.com

Also visit Kurt's excellent website at www.kurtjackson.co.uk.

"The Cape" by Kurt Jackson and Ronald Gaskell - Book Details:

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Porth by
Kurt Jackson
Do you ever wonder what's out there? - Detail
Cove Dancer for Caroline
Brisons Vean, Brisons Vear
All that's left
Catch a wave
Mordros, Mordardh
Dark Porth, flowing tide
Moved by a wave
1989 - 2003
Catch the Light
An Mor Kernewek
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